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Egypt ham radio beats Internet outage

The oldest radio signaling method was used to send messages between people in Egypt according to this article at the Huffington Post. The link was in a Democratic Underground post that J. Neil Schulman forwarded to me in email.

Quoting HuffPo:
“These messages weren’t coming from mobile phones or computers, but from an amateur radio sending out Morse Code somewhere amidst the chaos in Egypt.”

Hundreds of miles range with a few watts using a wire thrown over a tree branch for an antenna can beat the government kill switch.

Meanwhile, on the political right side of survivalist prepping, Alex Jones InfoWars published a credible list of alternative communication methods from Liberty News Online, “How to Communicate if the Government Shut Down the Internet” (also forwarded to me by J. Neil Schulman).

Just one point of clarification. During a political upheaval, checking the call sign of amateur radio operators won’t be the State’s top priority and effectively jamming all signals might not be possible, especially if one were to use spread spectrum techniques.

Let’s say for example you were to transmit thermal noise in one band and the noise mixed with the message in another (transmitted reference). It would appear to be noise as well.

Perhaps if you have some programming skills you could use the digital “direct sequence” method to mix several pseudo random “chip bits” with each bit of your message while you quickly hop the center frequency of your signal using a fast digital synthesis chip and a secure software spreading code.

And just to be safe you might use a stealthy hidden antenna that looks like a clothes line, basketball hoop, bird feeder, flag pole or other disguise so your neighbors don’t rat you out. Out of sight, out of mind. Morse code and texting can be done silently with earphones. QSL?

Victory over censorship!

Amber Alert GPS Upgrade Nov. 1

Amber Alert GPS 2G
Abductions of children are increasing thanks to more idle hands not otherwise being employed. To address that risk, and for many other reasons such as simply being lost or having an outing schedule change, kids have a new safe way to talk with parents without the user interface complexity of a cell phone.

The Amber Alert organization is taking pre-orders for their November 1 release of its new line of “panic button” devices, called “Amber Alert GPS Armor.”

Armor is the next version of their popular alert device that looks like a toy gizmo, but actually uses sophisticated GPS and cell networks to call for help with the location already known and to provide safety information. (And you don’t have to surgically implant RFID chips in your wee rascals’ skulls.)

Here’s an excerpt from the information I just received from them via email. You can subscribe to updates at their site,

“It will be a bit bigger in size than our famous 2G device, but
it will pack one heck of a punch. Here is a list of things that
are going to be different this time around (I’ll give a brief
description of each feature here, but I’ll go into them in more
detail in another email)…”

“1. Bigger battery = longer battery life! (this is a big one that we really struggled with in the 2G). We even will have an extended battery option.”

“2. Predator Alert – be alerted when your child goes near the home of a registered sex offender (VERY powerful!).”

“3. “Raised” SOS button – now your child can feel for the raised button on the device in their pocket or backpack without having to take the device out, when they are in danger.”

“4. 2-Way Voice – actually talk with your child, not just listen in.”

“5. E-mails, not texts, this time around…save battery life (more about that in another email).”

“6. Live, up-to-the-minute tracking on your web-enable SMART phone or computer (oh yeah, this new device is set up to work off your computer or your web-enabled SMART phone…which means you will need the internet on your phone to use the device with your phone).”

“7. Locate your child via our new phone APP or your computer.”

For video about the original product, see this local San Francisco TV news report. It’s also been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and other major network shows.

Preparedness Kits for Home and Away

  Travel Preparedness
The author of Build The Perfect Survival Kit was interviewed on The Survival Podcast episode, “An Interview With John McCann.”

Among many other topics, McCann described a very simple fishing setup and other handy items that could fit in a belt and get past security checkpoints.

I caught the following UCTV show on cable. Great ideas for preparing for water, power and/or gas interruptions are also shown in the video, which happens to be about prepping a house for earthquakes, “Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country.”

“First Aired: 4/26/2010
59 minutes”

“California is earthquake country. Dr. Matt Springer of UCSF shares valuable insights into how we can prepare now for our next big shake. Dr. Springer illustrates precautionary measures we can take at home to protect ourselves and our families from the effects of a major earthquake. (#18193)”

I personally experienced all the recent big quakes mentioned in the video: the 1971 Sylmar earthquake as a kid in Orange, CA, the 1989 “World Series” Loma Prieta (Santa Cruz) while I was working in San Francisco, and also the 1994 Northridge quake which collapsed part of the 10 freeway near the apartment I rented in Culver City.

Recently, TSP host Jack Spirko created a four-part video series on YouTube, “Survival Fishing With Flowers,” on how to catch small lake fish with found tree branches as a pole, only a little flower as bait, and how to catch catfish unattended with a floating empty water bottle and some paracord, typical monofilament fishing line and a snelled hook.

Stealthy Solar Shrub Shelters

  Underground Houses
From Slashdot’s “Idle” category comes this article, “Solar-Powered Shrub Car,” which quotes an Inhabitat story, “Solar-Powered Shrub Car Is Not Your Garden Variety EV.”

Justin Shull’s Terrestrial Shrub Rover is a vehicle based on a common cartoon sight gag. It looks like a great example of suburban camouflage.

(See this HowStuffWorks article about “How Military Camouflage Works” or the Wikipedia entry about “Camouflage”)

It’s possible to cloak an antenna for your hidden transmitter. It can be disguised as a hummingbird feeder, basketball hoop, flagpole and there are even some that work underground for certain frequencies.