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Commercial Solar Oven Focus on Solavore

This Sun-day’s Amazon product is also demonstrated cooking chicken and apple crisp dessert and holding them at temperature until dinnertime in a video by LDSPrepper, embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Solavore probably gets its name from a play on locavore, eater of local food instead of stuff with lots of travel miles, which is already a play on the traditional carnivore, herbivore and omnivore terms.

On a day with frost on the ground in the morning and wind, the “pre-heated” Solavore is already at 225F without the reflectors, which he only uses when it’s below freezing temp outside.

Pre-heated Solavore about to receive chicken and dessert pots for cooking
Solavore Sport Solar Oven – Portable Solar Cooking Package Complete with All Season Solar Reflectors, 2 Granite Ware Pots, Oven Thermometer, and Water Pasteurization Tool

Other popular solar ovens include the All American and GoSun designs at similar price points. They have their advocates and we’ll look at them in future posts. But for now, LDSPrepper puts the Solavore to good use in the video, EASY Shredded Chicken Solar Oven Recipe, and demonstrates some indispensable extra items available for the oven in another video, The Two Hottest Items Since Solar Ovens.

AMAZING FLAVOR, CHEAP & EASY! This is the way to make a delicious dinner. Put three ingredients in a pot, set it outside in the Solavore solar oven and go about your day with no worries. Because dinner is being cooked while you take care of business. But don’t forget dessert! I also made my favorite Apple Crisp recipe. Our dinner guest loved the food and we had plenty of leftovers for a week.

– $40 Discount Code: Code: Prepared
– Mom’s Apple Crisp Recipe:

The video is also embedded below.

When Outdoor Water Is Your Only Source

The Thirst-day product from Amazon is one of the Sawyer water filters described in the embedded video below about how to purify water while hiking.

Here’s a doomsday scenario that might motivate you to action. If the money went bad in your nation, a portable filter and outdoor source might be the only safe water when your stored supply is used up.

In that case, unpaid government workers will have something better to do with their time than trying to cater to your needs–they’ll be scavenging food and stuff for their own families. You might have an extended time trying to secure water, power, waste removal of all types, and groceries with your worthless currency. Clean air, shelter from excess heat or cold, and drinking water are your most urgent needs to survive.

Good luck if you live in a desert environment like much of Southern Nevada, USA. Maybe you’d have to drill a well by hand and manually pump from an underground aquifer. That takes some tools and skills beyond most people. Right now, you might want to investigate rainwater catchment and more storage capacity if you have room on your land, while you still have some purchasing power.

Perhaps the easy water for strapped desert dwellers without a functioning market would be squeezing fluid from wild plants. That’s something I’ll look into for a future post.

For now, I’m assuming you have a natural water source within a reasonable travel distance. Of course, fuel is another commodity that would get scarce and water is heavy. No money, more problems. “You won’t be on welfare and heck, there’s no health care.” Maybe getting safe water when there’s no doctor doesn’t seem like such a frivolous activity with the proper paranoia. Here’s a recent YouTube video from Outdoor Adventures titled, “Beginner Backpacking Part 6 – Water Treatment and Storage.”

Advanced Economy in a Box

TED Talk post
Open Source Ecology
Marcin Jakubowski describes his “civilization starter kit” idea to an enthusiastic audience at the TED conference held in Long Beach earlier this year.

Marcin plans to create open source designs with clear documentation, 3D models, schematics, blueprints and how-to videos for all of the 50 key technologies he believes are necessary to have a sustainable advanced industrial economy with local resources.

He shows construction hardware (a CEB press) that uses the dirt beneath your feet to make 5,000 compressed earth bricks in a day, enough to build a house.

Also, the LifeTrac tractor is an example of agricultural machinery that “breaks new ground,” although he’s also interested in no till permaculture organic food production.

Combine all that with the computerized fabrication and Internet distribution of ideas you’d expect from Make Magazine type hackers and perhaps shortages can be eliminated for jobs, food, fuel, housing and consumer doodads which can be 3D printed.

Way to go, Open Source Ecology! See Marcin’s TED Talk at YouTube.

Wovel Snow and Contour Dirt

Wovel at Amazon
Boing Boing‘s recent item titled “Wheel + Shovel =Wovel” embeds a video showing the device being used for shoveling snow.

While timely due to cold weather throughout the nation, the Wovel isn’t exactly “hot news,” so I hope I’m forgiven for jumping on the topic right after seeing it.

Quoting Maggie Koerth-Baker’s BB post, “It came out in 2005 and has since inspired a ton of YouTube fan videos.”

It looks like a great advance over a regular shovel for avoiding back pain and also without the expensive mechanics and fuel burning of a snow blower.

A commenter on the post recommended a cheaper snow shovel replacement that doesn’t have the cool wheel, the Suncast SF1725 17.5-Inch No Lift Easy Glide Snow Shovel Blade Scoop with Wear Strip.

Off-Grid Legal Challenges

Despite a hard left, class war perspective, The People’s Voice nonetheless supports a property owner’s desire to live simply in his RV against county government regulations in their story, by Rady Ananda, “Elderly Man Evicted from His Land for Living off the Grid.”

The man is also being defended on Ron Paul forums, which is evidence that solidarity is possible between the left wing organic hippies and right wing backwoods survivalists (or “preppers,” if you prefer).

There seems to be universal concern that backyard homesteaders and small organic farmers will be negatively impacted by S.510 (Google search) out of proportion with their risk to public food safety.

A TV news report about Dick Thompson’s plight in Madison County, Indiana is also linked by TPV to YouTube, “Madison Co. to evict man from camper.