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Preparedness Kits for Home and Away

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The author of Build The Perfect Survival Kit was interviewed on The Survival Podcast episode, “An Interview With John McCann.”

Among many other topics, McCann described a very simple fishing setup and other handy items that could fit in a belt and get past security checkpoints.

I caught the following UCTV show on cable. Great ideas for preparing for water, power and/or gas interruptions are also shown in the video, which happens to be about prepping a house for earthquakes, “Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country.”

“First Aired: 4/26/2010
59 minutes”

“California is earthquake country. Dr. Matt Springer of UCSF shares valuable insights into how we can prepare now for our next big shake. Dr. Springer illustrates precautionary measures we can take at home to protect ourselves and our families from the effects of a major earthquake. (#18193)”

I personally experienced all the recent big quakes mentioned in the video: the 1971 Sylmar earthquake as a kid in Orange, CA, the 1989 “World Series” Loma Prieta (Santa Cruz) while I was working in San Francisco, and also the 1994 Northridge quake which collapsed part of the 10 freeway near the apartment I rented in Culver City.

Recently, TSP host Jack Spirko created a four-part video series on YouTube, “Survival Fishing With Flowers,” on how to catch small lake fish with found tree branches as a pole, only a little flower as bait, and how to catch catfish unattended with a floating empty water bottle and some paracord, typical monofilament fishing line and a snelled hook.