Drama In Social Media Video Land (Demonetization)

The Two’s-day (relationships, as opposed to travel To’s-day) Amazon product is a pre-order of the Kindle edition of Lilly Singh’s new book, How To Be A Bawse.

Her YouTube channel is approaching 10 million subscribers, so she might be able to learn you somethin’.

Before we get back to Lilly Singh’s advice for starting a YouTube channel, let’s look at the latest kerfuffle between YouTube and some creators, for example on Computing Forever’s channel, YouTube Demonetization: Why I Disagree with Armoured Skeptic (explicit language), in which the pretext of “advertiser friendliness” is claimed to cover up an agenda of outrageous bias, censorship and arbitrary disabling of monetized ads on disfavored channels. One remedy suggested is using Patreon is get fan subscribers to monetize videos.

I know some very high traffic YouTube gun channels, such as hickok45, have established a new presence on a gun friendly video platform, Full30.com.

Many YouTube creators have advice videos. For example, another creator, Alisha Marie, How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel!! recommends cameras, editing software, and content tips.

Because of her great success, Lilly “The Bawse” was asked by film star Dwayne Johnson for advice on starting a YouTube channel, How To Be a YouTube Star (ft. The Rock). The actor provides a different type of drama from the recent YouTube controversy.

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