Daily Archives: September 18, 2016

Solar Crock Pot and Mirror Progress Report

Last Sun-day’s post, Cheap Concave Makeup Mirror Fire Starter, promised a video of the Amazon product on order.

It arrived, and the first test, still attached to the package, was successful. A water bottle I brought outside as a fire extinguisher with the makeup mirror became the target of a brief, but devastating attack of concentrated sunlight.

The result wasn’t very dramatic. I didn’t notice any smoke, but the label on the Arrowhead bottle had no paper covering the plastic where the sun’s image was focused, however briefly. A silent killer.

The magnifying mirror still attached to its packaging fit into regular size pockets better than the magnifying lens, normally used for reading, because of its lens handle.

Swissco suction cup mirror. 20x magnification, 3 1/2” diameter Colors May Vary

I work weekends, so during my days off I’ll do the video I promised to make fire and smoke, and you can go to the Academy next year. Wait, what? Never mind.

I’ve tried solar cooking with found junk at the compound, such as a space blanket, black travel coffee mug, meat thermometer in the water and sometimes got OK temperatures near 160 F after sealing the mug from cooling wind inside a gallon double seal plastic bag thingie. Which of course soon fogged up and blocked the sunlight. I would not judge it to be the most convenient or effective solar cooking setup ever.

supergokue1 found a better way after some experimentation, still using found common items, Solar oven from dollar store items. (also embedded below).