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New Link Found for BBC’s “A Farm For The Future”

Organic gardening is often portrayed as an unproductive labor-intensive hobby for hippies. This Mound-day takes us to the UK.

A great BBC documentary with beautiful photography of wildlife and scenery, which I had linked to for years on my personal blog, had disappeared from YouTube. See it now on DailyMotion, http://dai.ly/x2epzso or embedded below.

The documentary includes interesting methods of reducing labor while at the same time also reducing the need for petroleum, fertilizers, and pesticides.

A variety of grass species allows cattle to graze through the winter without baling hay, the most energy intensive part of ranching.

Most impressive and gratifying for me is the illustration of forest gardening with local examples and expert commentary by the likes of Patrick Whitefield on the subject, author of How to Make a Forest Garden

While the threat shown is “peak oil,” petroleum becoming scarce because of dwindling supplies (and a farming industry with many farmers past normal retirement age), my opinion is that we’re facing “peak money,” which would yield a similar result of shortages due to a busted economy. I also agree that someone will have to do the frickin’ farming! It better be a low labor activity if you expect a new generation to take up the slack.

A Farm For The Future. Hello, old friend!

A Farm For The Future – Documentary by ChannelHub