Daily Archives: September 11, 2016

Cheap Concave Makeup Mirror Fire Starter

Today is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attack, so airplanes in trouble are on my mind. It’s also “Sun-day” for this blog. Before I get to the practical fire starting benefits of a cheap makeup mirror, here’s a video answer to a common question to GREENPOWERSCIENCE about parabolic mirrors melting airplanes or blinding pilots, “GIANT parabolic SATELLITE solar dish cannot blind a pilot.”

(Spoiler alert: You’ll cause more problems with a flat signal mirror, and probably go to jail messing around with a laser pointer, although in putting together yesterday’s post about getting rescued with updated PLB radios, I discovered that special laser flares are legal.)

Now to the title subject of starting a fire with a cheap makeup mirror. A fire in the wilderness is useful to survival. It can keep you warm, purify water (if done properly, see Does Boiling Always Make Water Safe To Drink?), or cook your food. Here’s David West, an expert in primitive fire starting techniques who nonetheless realizes that some regular EDC (every day carry) items make it more possible for n00bs like me to get a fire started. In the following video, he accomplishes it using a makeup mirror he found at WalMart, Solar Ignition With a Concave Mirror aka Makeup Mirror (embedded below).

I ordered the Swissco product from Amazon shown above. The Sun-day after it arrives I’ll post my own video reporting its success or failure for fire starting.