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Salman Khan Reinventing Education

There’s an updated TED Talk at YouTube (from March, 2011–recently rated #2 in a “Countdown of the Best TED Talks” at The Huffington Post), “Salman Khan: Let’s Use Video To Reinvent Education.”

Salman Khan describes how a dashboard program for Los Altos schools replaced “one size fits all” classroom lectures with videos that were watched at each student’s own pace.

This provides the teachers unprecedented data on which students were having difficulty with particular subject areas, and being free of the tasks of lecturing and grading homework thanks to automation, teachers could focus all their time on quality interaction in the classroom.

Khan still does the instruction video creation, but has a top staff of software people developing the application to keep kids focused and motivated, using points and badges like in video games.

A highlight of the presentation is Bill Gates interviewing Salman at the end with questions about how ready the concept is for adoption in all classrooms. Khan replied that there are already a million viewers a month worldwide and the system could handle many more users.