Monthly Archives: November 2011

Why Permaculture?

Got this from Paul Wheaton’s email list with the title “podcast: replacing irrigation with permaculture.” But I concur with Paul’s suggestion that this be shared with those wanting to know the benefit of permaculture in general.

For me, permaculture designs are best when they require the least labor AND the least petroleum.

Quoting Paul Wheaton:

“If you like podcasts with lots of technical information in permaculture, this podcast might be your ultimate fantasy.

I talk about hugelkultur, Sepp Holzer, Willie Smits, Geoff Lawton, desertification, reversing desertification, tomatoes that are able to survive without our help, polyculture, tap roots, edge, terracing, starting from seeds instead of transplanting, Alan Savory …

I’ve had people tell me that they have listened to all of my podcasts at least twice, and the podcasts with Helen Atthowe four times.  I suspect that this would be the one that rates eight times.

This one podcast, might, I think, convey more about “what is the real benefit of permaculture” than any other podcast.

This is the podcast that you can send to others to help them understand your passion about “permaculture”.