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Mon., Aug. 29: “Kill Switch” @ O.C. KHCTF

J. Kent HastingsKarl Hess Community
Technology Forum

On a Fifth Monday in a Month

August 29, 2011

Pre-meeting: 6:00 p.m.
Dinner 7:00 p.m.
Announcements: 7:45 p.m. Howard Hinman, Master of Ceremonies
Presentation: 8:00 p.m. J. Kent Hastings:
“Surviving the Phone and Internet Kill Switch”

Questions: 8:45 p.m. Q&A via written cards for at least the first round of questions.
Close by 9:30 p.m.

Location: Asian Buffet (Oriental buffet)
23552 El Toro Rd., Lake Forest, CA 92630
At Raymond, behind a bank, near the public (gov’t) library branch.

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Tel: (949) 206-9988 – Fax: (949) 206-9098

Howard Hinman of Orange County, will serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the event and will offer a Toast to the evening’s festivities.

J. Kent Hastings is a writer, video editor, audio and film producer, computer programmer, agorist and ham radio hobbyist.

Hastings wrote columns about RSA encryption, spread-spectrum radio, and secure privacy-protected off-grid banking transactions in his regular “Techtics” column for SEK3’s Tactics of the Movement of the Libertarian Left during the 1980s.

Kent also wrote an article for the first issue of Agorist Quarterly, published in 1995, titled “The Information Underground Railroad,” after attending the RSA Data Security conference in 1994.

Kent has returned to an early interest in tinkering with homebrew electronic gear, partly because he finds it fun, and also thanks to recent threats that have resurfaced from government authorities worldwide to cut off private communications on the Internet and cell phones “for our safety.”

He will have equipment on hand to demonstrate various ways around the Internet and cellphone outages that have been imposed during protests (just when you might need rescue from violence the most).

If the power grid goes down, many would lose phone and Internet service because of their reliance on cable company devices. A portable battery with AC inverter will also be demonstrated at the meeting. Solar recharging in the field and other preparedness resources and activities in case of evacuation will be discussed.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are being more closely scrutinized by police with each passing year. Users have been jailed for organizing relatively harmless “flash mobs,” including celebrities simply inviting fans to the local mall.

Hastings will share his thoughts on how watchdog groups like Cop Block could avoid trouble by using stealthier recording devices and immediate streaming to remote undisclosed storage media, even if Internet access is being blocked.

For the first round of questions, audience members are asked to submit their questions in writing to the Master of Ceremonies, so that they may be presented to the speaker most effectively.

Cost is dinner (approximately 15.00 FRNS) plus a 5.00 room charge per attendee. (Cash only for the room charge please.) MasterCard and Visa accepted by the restaurant. Beer and wine available at an additional charge.

Good food. Some vegetarian dishes available.

For this meeting, leave a reservation message with the subject “OC KHCTF” on the web at or email:

If you have additional questions contact Kent Hastings toll free at 1.877.867-8209 or leave a voice mail message.

Future dinner talks at the Karl Hess Community Technology Forum are still to be determined. We will keep you posted.

Resilient Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to support a resilient community, including respect for personal rights and responsibilities.

For information about this event (other than reservations) and/or future events, please contact Howard Hinman, Director of Communications, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Legal Researcher, at (714) 244-2291. His email is:

Rainwater Rescued from Regulation

Wasatch Community Gardens
Wasatch Community Gardens
Good news from Good online in a story titled, “As Water Crises Intensify, Cities Turn to Rainwater Harvesting.”

“Rainwater harvesting was illegal in Utah until 2010 and in Colorado until 2009. Colorado now allows harvesting only when landowners already own a well or have the right to use one on their property.”

Salt Lake City got the memo and citizens can learn rainwater harvesting at places like Wasatch Community Gardens.

“Rainwater collection that is used for gardening purposes is finally legal in Salt Lake. So we can finally have our Rainwater Harvesting workshop again!”

Unfortunately, sane people in the arid zone of Arizona were unsuccessful in a recent attempt to allow private rainwater collection, even though the downstream residents the law was designed to protect will have most of the uncollected rainwater evaporate before it reaches them. So it’s a loss for everyone.

Perhaps toilet-to-tap recycling like in Big Spring, Texas will solve Arizona’s drinking water shortage.

Call me strange, but I’d prefer the rainwater.

Texas Town Recycles Urine Like NASA

Island 3 O’Neill Cylinders
Earth Inspires Space Habitat
A Slashdot post, “Drought Stricken Texas Town Taps Urine For Water” links to a Discovery News story about the ironically named Big Spring, Texas project, “Texas Town To Recycle Urine.”

The Discovery News subtitle is “The drought-stricken town is taking a page from NASA, which developed a urine recycling program for astronauts.”

The Slashdot poster explains:

“After being run through microfilters and undergoing reverse osmosis, slimy sewage is cleansed with peroxide and ultraviolet light. This intense process ensures that any pharmaceuticals and carcinogens are removed, and that the H2O stands up to drinking water regulations.”

Coming to a water district near you? The Discovery News article interviews a big city DWP honcho considering a similar scheme and reports that 41% of America is abnormally dry.

In 2009, Pop Sci ran a story about a report from Finland, “Better Tomatoes Via a Fertilizer of…Human Urine?.”

“Plants fertilized with a mixture of stored human urine and wood ash produced 4.2 times more fruit than plants without the pee, the study found. The urine-fertilized tomatoes had more beta-carotene than unfertilized ones, and much more protein than traditionally fertilized plants.”

Speaking of NASA, click image of the view of Earth from Apollo 8 over Rama’s interior to see a list of O’Neill cylinders and other space habitats.

The Story of Stuff, an entertaining “consumption run amok” video presentation, illustrates the limitations of conventional recycling. For every barrel you recycle, 70 barrels of waste were required in manufacturing the item. And just 1% of the things people buy are kept six months later, the rest is trash. (Makes my iPod seem not quite as bad as Greenpeace made out in 2008).

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.”–Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Speaking of cradles, the book Cradle To Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things calls for true recycling as might be needed offworld in a self-contained habitat, according to Amazon:

In Cradle to Cradle, the authors present a manifesto calling for a new industrial revolution, one that would render both traditional manufacturing and traditional environmentalism obsolete. Recycling, for instance, is actually “downcycling,” creating hybrids of biological and technical “nutrients” which are then unrecoverable and unusable. The authors, an architect and a chemist, want to eliminate the concept of waste altogether, while preserving commerce and allowing for human nature.

In a completely unrelated story found on Google, reported “Ice cream truck driver from Trenton is found with urine bottles in freezer after DWI charge.”


AP video about Big Springs, Texas:

Howard Hinman on Mortgage Meltdown, KHC Aug. 15

(From Mike Everling)

KARL HESS CLUB MONDAY AUGUST 15, 2011 ennouncement

Howard Hinman “The Secrets of MERS and the Massive Mortgage Meltdown.”

Dinah’s Family Restaurant 6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd. (at Centinela Avenue) in West Los Angeles (310) 645-0456. The club meets in the separate meeting room behind the main dining area.

7:00 p.m. Gathering Time [Dinner stipulations: $10.00 order minimum plus $3.00 Club Cover Charge ]

8:00 p.m. Dinner (Order from the regular menu)

8:45 p.m. Announcements

9:00 p.m. Guest Speaker: Howard Hinman

10:00 p.m. Q & A

10:30 p.m. Adjournment from Dinah’s (Please depart premises promptly)

11:00 p.m. Afters: Mixing and Mingling Lounge- Doubletree Hotel 1616 West Centinela Avenue Culver City

For information on the Karl Hess Club:


The topic for this month is a little known (outside of real estate and mortgage banking circles) system alleged to have exacerbated the real estate value crash of a few years ago, the effects which still reverberate through the economy.

Meant to facilitate the assignment and hypothecation of mortgages- a financial tool- it has instead worsened the foreclosure crisis, because its badly flawed implementation has prevented bad paper from clearing the market.

From Howard’s masterful thesis:

The Secrets of MERS: A Fiasco Unfolds– Or what you do not know can hurt you and many other people badly!

In other words: Welcome to the Massive Mortgage Meltdown.

It is more than just the blue-gray and weatherworn house in Denmark, Maine. As the summer of 2011 becomes the winter of 2012 the secrets – whether they involve widespread incompetence, fraud or even worse – perhaps the deliberate crashing of the American economy – regarding MERS (“Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems”, abbreviated “MERS”) – and its effects – are becoming apparent around the world.

Look at this incredible quote:

“’The whole financial system is becoming a lot less transparent,’ says Hernando de Soto, a Peruvian economist who has written on the importance of well-defined property rights. ‘You can’t size up risk anymore.’”

Being able to reasonably assess risk is at the essence of practical investment. The inability to accomplish this is a prime cause of the current stagnation. Howard will proffer his analysis as to the why and wherefore. As usual, the answer to the question qui bono very often informs the answer to the question quare (why).

Please join us for an evening of relevance and revelation. Howard will help us to understand the reasons for MERS, how this system operates, and the disturbing implications of its government “mixed economy” interference in the markets.


Howard has addressed our club on many occasions, chiefly on economic and financial topics. He is a Mortgage Fraud Professional, the Presider of the International Property Title Alliance, and Chief Financial Officer, Senior Legal Researcher and Director of Communications of the California Legal Rights Fund, Inc. He also hosts the Karl Hess Community Technology Forum, an independent supperclub in Orange County devoted primarily to the topic of appropriate technology.

Howard is a graduate of California State University at Fullerton College of Business and Economics with a degree in Business Administration. Among his many associations and achievements, Howard is a member of Toastmasters International since 1983, and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. Howard resides in Orange County. Join him on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Upcoming Programs Scheduled:

September 19, 2011 Karl Hess IV “Whither Conservation in the 21st Century: More Government or More Liberty?”

October 17, 2011 Richard B. Boddie “SEK3 Was Right After All”

November 21, 2011 Will Otey “Freedom is Not for Everyone: Creating a New Libertarian Country”



Our regular venue is Dinah’s Family Restaurant in West Los Angeles. The address is: 6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd. (at Centinela) (310) 645-0456. The nearest corner is W. Centinela Avenue.

The time for dinner is anytime between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. You may be seated in the meeting room at that time. Other restaurant patrons may be there as well until 8 p.m. The club will have exclusive use of the room between 8 and 10:30 p.m. The program will be from 8:45 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. (the restaurant’s doors close at 11 p.m. sharp). Please exit promptly after 10:30 p.m.

Dinah’s minimum for our diner/attendees is $10.00. There is a $3.00 cover to the club (which, with notice, may vary upward by program but will be at least $3.00). Order off the regular menu. Individual cheques. Pay your own tab. The club dues will be collected from you. Please note that KHC attendees must observe the minimum restaurant order.

Thank you to our loyal members for your continued support.



Please join us for the Aftermeeting in the lounge at the Doubletree Hotel Culver City. When we adjourn Dinah’s at 10:30 p.m., proceed to the Doubletree and we’ll reconvene for an informal gathering by 11 p.m. until 2 a.m.

The Doubletree is at 6161 West Centinela Avenue at Arizona in Culver City 90230-6306 (one block West of Sepulveda Boulevard). It is possible to walk from Dinah’s in about two minutes or repark your car on Arizona one minute away, but it is recommended to park in the hotel lot. N.B.: the available hotel parking is a pay lot, however the bar will validate your parking with any purchase. The lounge is immediately inside the hotel lobby adjacent to the desk.

It is not permitted to make a left turn onto Centinela from Arizona, so a good way is to turn right and go to the intersection with Sepulveda, make a U-turn and drive back to the hotel, which will be on the right hand side.

Doubletree Telephone: (310) 649-1776 For More Hotel Info, see: Radisson Website:


Random End Notes: Although the corporate ownership of the Aftermeeting venue has changed, its policies, for our purposes, have remained unchanged. We invite you to join us for a congenial time after the regular meeting.