Wind Power Generation in Pahrump

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This was just forwarded to me from J. Neil Schulman, a writer who made a feature film in Pahrump, Nevada with local Pahrump TV personality Andy Alberti in the cast.

Neil writes a blog at Rational Review.

The message from Andy Alberti has the subject line, “Finally a new maufacturing business is coming to Pahrump”:

“Wind Sail Receptor Company out of Henderson intends to open a manufacturing plant in Pahrump and employ about 90 workers by the end of the year, or so the news that is fit to print says.”

“The Company intends to make wind power turbine blades for use in homes and small businesses.”

“The Nevada commission on Economic development has authorized a $162,000 training grant for the company.”

“Nye county seems to have had no involvement nor has Pahrump since there was no mention of them in the news article announcing the move.”

Wind Sail Receptor video at YouTube.

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  1. Impressive and promising technology but — damn! — does their video have to use underscore music that sounds like it came from a 70’s porn film? 🙂

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