Jenny Cohen, Gardeners and Farmers

MP3 audio for the June 6th meeting is available here, Gardening and Entrepreneurship

Our speaker, Jenny Cohen, told us how her early experiences in gardening gave her the skills to succeed in business when she grew up.

She also described post-war Britain as a nation of gardeners, but was concerned that in a later visit, pervasive surveillance cameras gave evidence that freedoms had eroded.

Maybe gardening persists as a popular activity in the UK, but the following video sounds the alarm for the survival of farming in that country, citing for example that most farmers there are over the typical retirement age for other professions, and oil shortages won’t be able to continue fueling large scale mechanization.

This BBC Natural World episode, “A Farm For The Future,” replaced the video under the “Permaculture Video” link at my personal PermaKent blog when the old one about an international permaculture conference went missing.

Patrick Whitefield makes a brief appearance when Forest Gardening is discussed. It’s a clever way to increase yields yet eliminate much of the labor despite the projected low petroleum inputs we’ll have available in the future.

In another example of polyculture, using deeply rooted multiple grass species is shown to support cattle grazing all winter without them destroying the field or using gas to bale hay.

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