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Karl Hess Institute on Facebook

Link to the Karl Hess Institute on Facebook.

Excerpt of Karl’s organizational philosophy:

“I favor a world of neighborhoods in which all social organization is voluntary and the ways of life are established in small, consenting groups.”

According to the organizer, their website is coming soon.

Here’s an excerpt at YouTube from Toward Liberty, “a 1980 Academy Award-winner for Best Documentary Short Subject.”

Solar Disinfectant plus OSE Solar News

“Sterilize! Sterilize!” (Star Trek)
Nomad Slashdot item “Students Invent Revolutionary Sterilizer” links to the Houston based Rice University story, “Rice parlays sun’s saving grace into autoclave: Capteur Soleil may sterilize medical instruments in developing world.

“The Capteur Soleil, [links to story about its use in Haiti by Rice] a device designed decades ago by French inventor Jean Boubour, was modified at Rice two years ago for use as a solar-powered cookstove. . .This year, Team Sterilize modified it further. When a set of curved mirrors and an insulated box containing the autoclave are installed, the steel A-frame sitting outside Rice’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen becomes something else entirely — a lifesaver.”

In other solar related news, the OSE team in Missouri announced the open source licensing of the Solar Fire solar designs. According to the article, “Solar Fire Breakthrough,” they announced their agreement:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a breakthrough on the Solar Turbine project. We are adopting the Solar Fire concentrator technology as our official solar energy platform. OSE and Solar Fire are entering into partnership – with a single purpose of creating a state-of-art, replicable, open source platform for solar concentrator power applied to electricity, space heating, and process heat.”

The Solar Fire concept is described in this YouTube video.