Advanced Economy in a Box

TED Talk post
Open Source Ecology
Marcin Jakubowski describes his “civilization starter kit” idea to an enthusiastic audience at the TED conference held in Long Beach earlier this year.

Marcin plans to create open source designs with clear documentation, 3D models, schematics, blueprints and how-to videos for all of the 50 key technologies he believes are necessary to have a sustainable advanced industrial economy with local resources.

He shows construction hardware (a CEB press) that uses the dirt beneath your feet to make 5,000 compressed earth bricks in a day, enough to build a house.

Also, the LifeTrac tractor is an example of agricultural machinery that “breaks new ground,” although he’s also interested in no till permaculture organic food production.

Combine all that with the computerized fabrication and Internet distribution of ideas you’d expect from Make Magazine type hackers and perhaps shortages can be eliminated for jobs, food, fuel, housing and consumer doodads which can be 3D printed.

Way to go, Open Source Ecology! See Marcin’s TED Talk at YouTube.

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