Canned Food Rotation Systems

FIFO Can Tracker- Food Storage Canned Foods Organizer/Rotater/Dispenser: Kitchen, Cupboard, Pantry- Rotate Up To 54 Cans
FIFO can rotation system
Having a supply of canned goods is the easiest way to prepare for a market supply interruption due to an earthquake, maybe a hurricane, or perhaps flood water or snow blocking the roads.

There are plenty of examples in the news about people forced to stay in their homes without power and water for weeks or months. If you were in that situation, what would you do?

It will take some time to grow a garden for food self sufficiency under the best conditions, and it’s not easy even then. You’ll need food and water to get you through the planting process, which would be great if the ground isn’t frozen or flooded. You might have to wait to plant. Hence the need for storing food. And do you even have the seeds for edible plants on hand? Just asking.

If you stick the newest cans from the store at the front of your cupboards, you’ll be tempted to just grab the last ones you put in, neglecting the ones in the back, perhaps beyond their expiration dates, thus wasting food or taking a risk of eating spoiled stuff.

I heard about can rotation a few times on The Survival Podcast, and am ready to jump in and get a system myself. Shelf Reliance’s CEO, Steve Palmer, was interviewed about his company. Listen here: “Steve Palmer of Shelf Reliance on Food Storage and Global Events.”

Food prices are going nowhere but up, faster than most anything else. If you buy now cheap while you have the money and it still has its full purchasing power, you’ll eat better later.

Looking around Amazon, I see can organizers for any shelf size, with some that are designed just for smaller soup sized cans. The one shown here, like most of these kind of systems, makes it easy to take cans out in the order they were put in.

To put it another way, a “first in, first out” system. For canned goods if not Christian souls, the first should be first and the last should be last.

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