Wovel Snow and Contour Dirt

Wovel at Amazon
Boing Boing‘s recent item titled “Wheel + Shovel =Wovel” embeds a video showing the device being used for shoveling snow.

While timely due to cold weather throughout the nation, the Wovel isn’t exactly “hot news,” so I hope I’m forgiven for jumping on the topic right after seeing it.

Quoting Maggie Koerth-Baker’s BB post, “It came out in 2005 and has since inspired a ton of YouTube fan videos.”

It looks like a great advance over a regular shovel for avoiding back pain and also without the expensive mechanics and fuel burning of a snow blower.

A commenter on the post recommended a cheaper snow shovel replacement that doesn’t have the cool wheel, the Suncast SF1725 17.5-Inch No Lift Easy Glide Snow Shovel Blade Scoop with Wear Strip.

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