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Wovel Snow and Contour Dirt

Wovel at Amazon
Boing Boing‘s recent item titled “Wheel + Shovel =Wovel” embeds a video showing the device being used for shoveling snow.

While timely due to cold weather throughout the nation, the Wovel isn’t exactly “hot news,” so I hope I’m forgiven for jumping on the topic right after seeing it.

Quoting Maggie Koerth-Baker’s BB post, “It came out in 2005 and has since inspired a ton of YouTube fan videos.”

It looks like a great advance over a regular shovel for avoiding back pain and also without the expensive mechanics and fuel burning of a snow blower.

A commenter on the post recommended a cheaper snow shovel replacement that doesn’t have the cool wheel, the Suncast SF1725 17.5-Inch No Lift Easy Glide Snow Shovel Blade Scoop with Wear Strip.

Off-Grid Legal Challenges

Despite a hard left, class war perspective, The People’s Voice nonetheless supports a property owner’s desire to live simply in his RV against county government regulations in their story, by Rady Ananda, “Elderly Man Evicted from His Land for Living off the Grid.”

The man is also being defended on Ron Paul forums, which is evidence that solidarity is possible between the left wing organic hippies and right wing backwoods survivalists (or “preppers,” if you prefer).

There seems to be universal concern that backyard homesteaders and small organic farmers will be negatively impacted by S.510 (Google search) out of proportion with their risk to public food safety.

A TV news report about Dick Thompson’s plight in Madison County, Indiana is also linked by TPV to YouTube, “Madison Co. to evict man from camper.