Report from the Legal Front

Last night, Geo McCalip presented his “Report from the Front” progress report at the Konkin-Rothbard Supper Club as scheduled. You can listen to the audio of the talk right here:

Geo was introduced by moderator Howard Hinman, who also gave a moving tribute to Loy Lefevre before the talk. Howard held up a copy of the Lefevre New Libertarian issue and described Loy’s years with Robert Lefevre and her memorial service that Howard attended.

The California Legal Rights Fund ( became a 501c3 with some financial resources courtesy of a grant from the estate of the late Charles M. “Chuck” Hammill.

Geo gave some background info and then outlined three cases he’s working on now. During the Q&A, other cases and tactics were described, and he reaffirmed his ambitious goal of completely eliminating “tickets for revenue” (as well as “snitch letters” and other irritants) in California.

Perhaps the approach he describes will force the state, in the big settlement he expects someday, to allow “fully informed” juries. Members of such a jury would be told that they are to decide the justice of the law as well as the facts of the case.

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