Prepare for Peak Money

BBC online reports that UK government agencies are facing deep reductions, “Departments told to draw up plans for 40% spending cuts,” although 40% is the “illustrative” worst case scenario. We’ll see.

In the U.S., a recent TIME issue had the cover headline, “The Broken States of America.”

“At least 28 states have ordered across-the-board budget cuts, with many of them adding deeper cuts in targeted agencies. And massive shortfalls in public pension plans loom as well.”

The Dow has been under 10,000 all week. The “Recovery” is apparently being met with investor skepticism.

But one honest green shoot of good news is that there are some like Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D. of Open Source Ecology who are hard at work engineering post-scarcity “Economy In A Box” tools.

Here’s some of that “In the Box” thinking by Marcin Jakubowski, who spoke at the Noise Bridge Conference on June 15, 2010 presented by Bay Area Community Exchange. Notice Marcin’s use of the phrase “Resilient Community,” which we like very much here at

Marcin Jakubowski – part 1 from East Bay Pictures on Vimeo.

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